On the quest for the perfect capsule coffee? There’s several parameters that you can tweak to get the optimal taste out of every cup. Here are 4 easy tips for how to optimize your Nespresso machine to make your coffee capsules taste even better.

Tips til at brygge på nespresso maskine - ønsk kaffe

1) Adjusting the cup size

  • Switch on the machine and fill the water tank with filtered water
  • Insert a coffee capsule into the machine
  • Press the button (espresso or lungo) that you want to set
  • Press and hold the button until you’ve reached the desired amount

We recommend brewing an espresso in 10 seconds, equivalent to 22 millilitres.

We recommend brewing lungo capsules in 30 seconds, equivalent to 80 millilitres.

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2) Use fresh and filtered water

A cup of coffee consists of 90% water.

It therefore goes without saying that the quality of water will have an impact on the taste of the coffee. Water quality actually has more influence on the taste of coffee than most people think!

Water in Denmark is known for having high levels of calcium, especially in and around bigger cities. The hard water can wear down your Nespresso machine and negatively affect the fine aromas and flavors of your coffee.

Especially the fruity undertones in coffee can easily be masked by high levels of calcium in water.

We therefore recommend using a filter jug which removes calcium from water and adds magnesium. The result? Water that’s perfect for an aromatic cup of coffee.

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Kaffeabonnement: Kapsler

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3) Rinse with water before putting the capsule into the machine

A super simple and effective way to get a great taste out of your nespresso capsules is to flush some water through the Nespresso machine before you put in your coffee capsule.

To do this, press one of the brew buttons – it doesn’t matter which one – before inserting the capsule.

This helps to remove old coffee residue stuck in the brewing head and tubes.

If coffee residue and oils sit in the machine for too long, you’ll get some bitter flavours that you don’t want in your cup.

4) Decalcify your machine

You should decalcify your Nespresso machine around every 2-3 months (depending on how often you use it).

You’ll know that it’s time to decalcify your machine when your coffee starts tasting flat or when the machine doesn’t brew at a stable temperature.

How to decalcify your Nespresso machine

  • Fill the water tank with decalcifying liquid, or make your own vinegar mixture consisting of 1 part household vinegar and 1 part water
  • Put 500 ml of vinegar mixture into the water tank
  • Switch on the machine
  • Empty the drip tray
  • Place a large container under the brewing head
  • To start decalcifying, press and hold the espresso and lungo buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds
  • The two buttons will start flashing. Then press the lungo button and the decalcifying will begin
  • When the decalcifying liquid has run through, use the same liquid again and refill the water tank. Then, repeat the same steps again.
  • Cleaning: fill the water tank with fresh water and run a decalcifying programme in the same way as before.

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