ØNSK hos Leonel

Who we are

ØNSK is a B Corp Certified company that was founded in 2017 with a wish to make a positive impact in the coffee industry. The coffee industry lacks transparency: all too often, it’s impossible to decipher where coffee comes from, how it’s traded and the conditions under which it’s cultivated.

We’re doing things differently here at ØNSK. Through direct trade with coffee farmers, investing time and money back into the sustainable production of coffee, and ensuring transparency in how we source and process our coffee, we provide specialty coffee that meets the highest standards of both quality and sustainability. 

ØNSK coffee pays farmers a fair price, is produced with respect for its surroundings and the environment, and is always freshly roasted to ensure optimum taste. We think that is good coffee.


ØNSK, in Danish, means wish. We picked this name because it reflects our mission to leave a positive impact on coffee farmers, customers and the planet. We particularly wish for coffee farmers to get fair wages for producing quality coffee that respects the environment. 

The main way that we do this is through sustainable and direct trading relationships with our farmers. We visit them, we keep in touch with them, and we tell their stories. Our personal relations with coffee farmers enables us to:

  • Pay farmers about two times the traditional market price
  • Work closely with farmers to make coffee production more sustainable
  • Ensure that the quality of coffee is maintained 
  • Create authentic coffee experiences for our customers on the other side of the globe

Buy specialty coffee from ØNSK - Andreas from ØNSK raises his cup of organic coffee from Nicaragua

“It is our mission to create personal and authentic coffee experiences. Experiences that unite coffee farmers with coffee drinkers and enhance sustainable development in the coffee industry. Through respect, transparency and dialogue, ØNSK will leave a positive impact on the farmer, customer and planet.”

 – Andreas Kirk, Founder

Holdbillede ØNSK

The team

ØNSK was founded by Rasmus Ditlev and Andreas Kirk in 2017. Today, the team consists of 10 coffee lovers. We work closely together at our office in Copenhagen to provide sustainable, quality coffee that brings together coffee drinkers and coffee farmers.