Alle ØNSKs kaffekapsler i samme pakke. Kaffekapslerne er kompatible med nespresso.

What is a capsules gift subscription?

At ØNSK, you can get a coffee capsules gift subscription that consists of biodegradable capsules filled with delicious, organic coffee.

Here’s how the gift subscription works:

  1. Choose the number of coffee capsules that you want your gift subscription to include per month.
  2. Choose the duration of the gift subscription.
  3. You will receive an electronic gift certificate that you can print and give to the lucky recipient.
  4. When redeeming the gift certificate, the recipient can choose between lungo and espresso capsules or a combination of the two.

The gift recipient can look forward to tasting her/his way through some of the best coffees Nicaragua and Peru has to offer and experiencing a range of inviting and diverse flavors.


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“I have had my ØNSK coffee subscription for 2 years now and I am really happy with both their coffee and their service…”
– Sebastian
“I can highly recommend ØNSK. They deliver fantastic coffee that tastes truly incredible. They stay true to their commitments and tell a great story about the coffee they sell. Try ØNSK coffee, you won’t regret it.”
– Lotte
“Really good coffee – and great that they think of the environment with biodegradable packaging.”
– Rasmus

Biodegradable capsules for Nespresso® machines

The coffee capsules are biodegradable. That is, they are made from a plant-based material that is compostable. The capsules are produced by wind, water and solar power, and they contain all-natural, raw materials including, of course, our organic coffee.

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Andreas og kaffebonde

Coffee capsules as a gift subscription

ØNSK’s organic coffee capsules are created to fit Nespresso® capsule machines. The gift subscription is available in three different variations and comes in three different sizes. This means you’ve got all the options to curate a gift subscription that exactly matches the recipient’s needs.

The gift subscription comes with free shipping, so you won’t have to worry about hauling coffee home from the store anymore. We use our best-selling varieties of coffee in our capsules, all of which are locally roasted in Copenhagen. The coffee comes from small coffee producers in Nicaragua and Peru and it is, of course, organic. In addition to direct trade and organic farming, we have a large focus on shade-grown coffee, biodiversity and development projects that benefit the farmers and their coffee production. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.
The capsule itself is made of certified compostable biomaterial, which is produced using only renewable energy. A capsule gift subscription from ØNSK is therefore perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a great cup of coffee without using aluminium or plastic capsules.

Varieties of the gift subscription

The coffee capsule gift subscription runs for 3, 6 or 12 months and is available in three sizes:

  • 40 capsules per month
  • 80 capsules per month
  • 120 capsules per month

The gift recipient can choose between two types of coffee or a mix of the two:

Lungo: Lungo capsules are perfect for those who prefer a cup of coffee without too much milk in it. The coffee has a slightly lighter roast and a slightly coarser grind. This gives the coffee a round and mild taste.

Espresso: Espresso capsules are a great choice for those who typically order a cappuccino or caffe latte when visiting a café. The darker roast of the espresso capsule balances out the flavor of milk, so that the true taste of the coffee can shine through. This results in a rich, creamy and incredibly delicious cup of coffee and an intense taste experience.

Mix: When choosing the mix package, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The mix package includes both lungo and espresso capsules. Most people have a preferred capsule type, but your partner or roommate may not have the same taste as you. The mix pack is therefore perfect for homes with different preferences.

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