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Acid is also a description many use when they stand with their taste wheel in hand and coffee cupping. You’ve probably heard the phrase “there’s a lot of acid present”.

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What is acid?

Acid is one of the basic flavours you probably know from lemon, lime, vinegar and buttermilk. It’s also a flavour that many coffees carry, and one that can be used to define the nuances of flavour in a coffee.

When talking about acidity, it is the necessary acidity of the coffee that is assessed and which gives a pleasant sharpness. Acidic coffees feel fresh and sharp, whereas low acidity coffees are smoother and more persistent in the mouth.

When it comes to coffee, it is important to know that there is a difference between sour coffee and acidic coffee. A sour coffee is not something worth drinking. This can be caused by a too short extraction. Sour coffee, on the other hand, which is of course well balanced, can make your coffee incredibly delicious with a very fresh tone in the taste.

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