You’ve probably heard the word before. Barista. But are you also aware of what actually defines a barista. As well as being the person who conjures up your favourite coffee.

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What is a barista?

Barista is the Italian word for a bartender who serves all types of drinks. However, the word has changed a bit when we use it, and for us here at home – and in other countries like the UK – it’s more of a coffee artist than it is a bartender.

A barista has extensive knowledge of coffee blends, coffee roasting, espresso machine operation and maintenance, milk frothing and much more. That knowledge is gained through courses and training – and it takes both passion and patience to become a successful one.

It’s no joke that we used the word artist about a barista. In fact, we think that’s what he or she is doing there at the espresso machine. There’s an art to knowing a lot about coffee and using that knowledge to brew a great cup – maybe even with a little latte art

If you have a dream of learning a little of what a barista can do, we’ll help you with the milk froth and how to conjure it into delicious latte art.

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