No, it’s not an old biology book you’ve looked up. It’s a coffee dictionary. And while biodiversity may rhyme more with plants and ecosystems, it’s a word we’ll eventually come to use when we talk about coffee. And of course when producing coffee, as we do at ØNSK. We explain you in more detail here!

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What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is all life on Earth, including animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and other living things, both on land and in water. high biodiversity ensures clean air, fresh water, healthy soil and pollination of crops. It helps us fight climate change and reduces the impact of natural disasters. It is therefore important to preserve biodiversity – and it is important to take it into account when growing coffee.

That’s why shade coffee is a positive solution. Here, the tall trees allow biodiversity to remain intact in the area.

Coffee plantations are often grown near areas of high biodiversity, where expansion of agricultural areas poses a risk to wildlife. In these areas, coffee farms with shade trees can create important green passages for wildlife.

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