You probably know some people who can’t drink coffee after 4pm. It disturbs their sleep. You probably know the reason too. There is caffeine in coffee. On this page, we’ll tell you more about the night owl that puts an end to many coffee drinkers’ beauty sleep – if they don’t opt for the caffeine-free cup.


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What is caffeine?

Caffeine is a natural substance found in many plants. Caffeine belongs to a chemical group called plant alkaloids. Caffeine has an invigorating effect as it stimulates the central nerve system and the production of adrenaline. Caffeine causes blood vessels to constrict, which raises your heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, caffeine affects the release of dopamine, which makes us feel pleasure and well-being. These factors are the reason why many people cannot sleep after drinking coffee too late. And it’s also the reason why many people feel they can’t wake up until they’ve had their morning coffee.

Fun fact: When you make decaffeinated coffees and extract the caffeine from the coffee, you’re actually selling the excess caffeine to fizzy treats like Coca Cola and Red Bull.

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