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Coffee roasting is an important part of the world that opens up at your feet when you start to smell the coffee beans and their aroma. Coffee roasting is about the raw materials, the coffee beans, and how they are processed before they arrive at your coffee kitchen.

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What is coffee roasting?

Coffee roasting is a heating process that helps to give the coffee beans aroma and good taste. In addition, coffee roasting also makes the coffee beans crisp enough to grind on your grinder and to dissolve in the hot water. You could also say that coffee roasting tones the taste of the coffee in a slightly sweet, sour or bitter direction.

You throw the coffee beans into a coffee roaster, which roasts the beans well for a certain period of time depending on whether you want your coffee light or dark. It’s actually like when you fry a steak. Should it be rare, medium or well done?

Coffee roasting with a coffee roaster

Basically, coffee roasting is the roasting of raw coffee beans into brown coffee beans. They go from being red and green coffee beans to being these brown ones you know. When you roast coffee beans, you use a machine that heats the beans until they are very hot. So really hot. That machine is called a coffee roaster. In theory, you could actually use your oven or even a large pot and call it your coffee roaster for a while. However, a real one, designed specifically for the purpose, is able to roast the beans evenly and consistently, giving the absolute best result.

The degree of roasting can vary from light to very dark roasting and from fast to very slow roasting. The different degrees determine how the beans taste in your coffee cup.

Coffee roasting is a science. Almost an art form. You can roast the exact same bean, but in different ways, and get two different results. Many reactions take place during roasting, depending on how much heat and how long the bean is exposed to it. The ratio of air to coffee in the roaster is also important here. You can also emphasise the acidity or sweetness during roasting. The possibilities are endless.

Where does your coffee come from?

Taste is subjective, but quality should not be. When you choose coffee from ØNSK, you choose coffee that lives up to the quality designation of speciality coffee. Our coffee is always freshly roasted in a micro-roastery within the last three weeks. You also choose coffee that pays your coffee farmer a fair price. And you choose a coffee that is produced with respect for nature and the environment.

You can read more about where your coffee comes from right here.

That is, before it is roasted.

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