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Coffee tree

It takes a coffee bean to brew you a good cup of coffee. And it takes a coffee tree to grow you a good coffee bean. It is all connected, as are many other processes and circles in life. Let us explain the coffee tree to you!

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What is a coffee tree?

A coffee tree grows coffee berries. And coffee beans come from coffee beans. The tree blooms with small white flowers, and after flowering, coffee berries the size of cherries appear. It is inside these berries that you find the coffee beans. However, they are green before they are processed.

This is what a coffee tree looks like

If you’re looking for a coffee tree, we’ll be happy to help you with the description so you know what to look for.

A coffee tree looks more like a bush than a tree. The leaves are green, thick and broad. Flowers appear in small clusters in the leaf corners of the shoots. They are quite small, white or cream-coloured and have a lovely scent. About nine months after flowering, the fruits ripen. The fruit is this berry the size of a cherry, which is red when ripe – and which contains coffee beans.

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