Direct trade

There’s a bit to consider when working with coffee. Climate, working conditions and the local environment are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account. The word direct trade is one of those words that probably pops up when you search around coffee and local conditions. We’ll tell you more about it here.

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What is direct trade?

Direct trade in coffee is when a coffee roaster buys coffee directly from a producer. However, direct trade represents more than just a trade. The word refers to quality, sustainability and fairer prices for the producer.

Direct trade is part of ØNSK

We founded ØNSK with the mission to have a positive impact on the coffee industry. In fact, it’s so integral to our company’s DNA that we decided to name our company after it: We see how conventional coffee farming has a negative impact on people and our planet – and our greatest desire is to change this for the better. How do we do it? Through environmentally friendly coffee production/distribution, investment in green development projects and direct trade.

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