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Fairtrade actually sounds pretty good. So why not choose it when buying new beans for your coffee kitchen? We give you our explanation here. And, of course, we’ll tell you what fair trade really means.

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What is Fairtrade coffee?

A Fairtrade mark on your coffee means that both workers and plantations meet a number of social, economic and environmental requirements that make the coffee Fairtrade certified. So when a product has a Fairtrade logo, you know that the workers behind the product are working in good conditions.

… and that all sounds good. At ØNSK, we have the same ambitions, but we believe that a Fairtrade label on your coffee is not good enough.

Why we think Fairtrade coffee is not good enough

It may seem strange when the Consumer Council has coffee among the products where it really matters to buy Fairtrade that ØNSK then chooses not to sell Fairtrade coffee beans.

The problem for us is that despite its roughly 30 years of life, it remains difficult to equate the Fairtrade label with improving working conditions. On the contrary, the research previously showed that wages were on average lower and working conditions worse for African farm workers in areas with Faitrade than in areas without.

Given the lack of results, we have decided to go our own way. As I said, we share many of the same ambitions as Fairtrade, but we feel we can do even better by doing it our own way. We carry out our own on-farm development projects to ensure higher quality, greater biodiversity and higher returns for the farmer

  • By dealing directly with our coffee farmers ourselves, we ensure proper quality and that the coffee farmers get the price they deserve.
  • That we can carry out development projects with our coffee farmers. We believe that through development we can create a higher quality, which ensures our coffee farmers a sustainable business.

  • ØNSK trades exclusively in organic coffee, grown on land with shade trees and without the use of pesticides.

Are you curious to understand the slightly deeper meaning behind our work? You can read more here, where we explain why we think Fairtrade is not good enough. And why we have chosen to take the spoon (or coffee cup) in the other hand.

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