There are several types of coffee under the designation “French coffee”. We will only explain here what French press is.

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What is French press?

You’re probably more familiar with the french press as a piston jug. Because that’s what it is. French press is coffee brewed on a piston pot. The advantage of this brewing method is that it is easily accessible and easy to enjoy.

Since you don’t use a coffee filter when brewing the French way, more of the coffee’s oils penetrate and you get a cup of coffee that’s rich in the coffee’s natural aroma and nuances.

You can take a closer look at brewing successful coffee with a coffee pot here.

Why is it called French press?

The name indicates that the French press must be a French invention. Yet France and Italy have a coffee war between them over who actually invented the French press. You get the story here, then you have to conclude for yourself the winner of the war:

A Frenchman was boiling water for a good cup of coffee when he realised he had forgotten to pour in the coffee beans. He therefore added the coffee beans a little late in the process. Once the coffee grounds were added, the coffee grounds rose to the surface in the boiling water. He bought a piece of metal from a passing Italian grocer in an attempt to save the only coffee he had on his trip. He placed the metal over the boiling water in the pot and used a stick to press the metal down with the coffee grounds. And how was the coffee? He expected it to be terrible, but the result turned out to be the best coffee either man had ever tasted. An accident led to the discovery of a new way to brew coffee. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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