A piston pot helps you brew piston coffee, one of the most common and simple brewing methods for a delicious cup of coffee. A piston coffee is something quite special, as all the water and all the coffee are in contact during the entire brewing time – which also has the expression: full immersion.

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What is a teapot?

You use a piston pot when you brew piston coffee or French press. A piston jug is a jug with a filter that you press through the coffee by hand. It is therefore a very manual brewing method, which many also find pleasant at the breakfast table, where the pace is a little slower.

It is said that the stamp jug came into the world in 1852. Here, two Frenchmen were behind the design of the now iconic jug. At home, many people probably associate an inkpot with Bodum, the company behind the iconic glass version, where a black handle on the side matches the black, round knob on top.

How to brew successful piston coffee with your piston pot

Let us give you a hand with the piston coffee. Here you’ll find our brewing guide to the manual method that gives you a tasty cup of coffee – and with the potential to turn up the gears too.

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