We take a closer look at the word oxidation and what it means when it comes to coffee. The importance is quite high.

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What is oxidation?

Oxidation means oxygenation. And this happens when your coffee has access to oxygen, for example when you have your bag of coffee standing open in the kitchen cupboard. That oxidizes and spoils the coffee. We therefore recommend that you keep your coffee in an airtight container. And you can get one of those here.

The consequence of oxidation in coffee is that it loses its sweet and full-bodied nuances and aromas, which are replaced by a flat and earthy taste. Oxidation happens when your coffee beans are ground. Here the coffee beans are broken up into a lot of small pieces, which increase the surface of the bean. These surfaces are now in direct contact with the oxygen around the coffee. Therefore, it is important that you keep the coffee as beans, right up until you need to brew the coffee, to get the most flavor out of the coffee.

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