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Pour over coffee, some might also call it filter brew, is a simple way to brew coffee that (if you ask us) enforces the phrase “less is more”.
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What is pour over coffee?

Pour over coffee is coffee where water seeps through the freshly ground coffee in a filter. You manually pour water over the coffee in the filter, which refers to the brewing name meaning “pour over”.

This method is simple, calm and particularly nice for a Sunday morning when the clock ticks down and the pace follows.

When it comes to pour over coffee, you need to know your tool: the coffee brewer.
It’s your coffee brewer that works dark magic. And luckily, there are several genre tricks that make it fun to geek out on pour-over caffeinated properties.

Hario V60, Chemex and Kalita Wave are some of the much talked about genius brews that make pour-over brewing a tasteful pleasure – every time. There are slightly different approaches to pour-over brewing depending on the tool, i.e. the coffee brewer, you have in your hands. Of course, we’ll give you well-crafted guides that take you step-by-step through the different genres.

How to brew pour over coffee

Our enthusiasm for pour over coffee is evident when you take a look at our shop, which of course offers both Hario, Chemex and Kalita Wave. But let’s start by giving you a quick overall guide that matches whatever brewer is on your shelf:

You will need:

  • Medium roast coffee
  • A scale (to help you with the right amount of coffee and water)

Here’s how:

  • Clean the paper filter with warm water. It removes unnecessary particles from the paper that can affect the taste of the coffee.
  • Prepare your coffee pot by heating it up with a little hot water around the pot. Then pour the water out again. That process often happens when you clean the filter. So you actually easily pass the first and second point in a snap!
  • Place your coffee brewer on your scale. Now put the filter in the coffee brewer and set the weight to “tare” so that it reaches 0 grams.
  • Add coffee to the filter. A good rule of thumb is 60 grams of coffee to 1 litre of water.
  • Pour a little water over the coffee. The water should have a temperature of about 90-94 degrees. Let the coffee soak up the water. This gives coffee plenty of opportunity to flourish.
  • Now pour the rest of the water over the coffee in the filter a little at a time, and then let the coffee brew until all the water has passed through the filter. The time may depend on how your coffee is ground, what flavour you are looking for, etc. This is where the geeking-out-for-over comes in. Feel free!

Let’s also introduce the genre trends:


Hario is Japanese, and makes a living selling glass – including their popular Hario V60, which
has stolen the hearts of many coffee lovers. The shape of the Hario V60 funnel brings out the very best in your coffee. There are many different techniques and recipes for a Hario V60, but we give you ØNSK’s brewing guide for Japanese Hario V60.


With a guest appearance in Friends, a regular spot at MoMA and supplying coffee to Agent 007 himself, Chemex is probably the pour over coffee brewer that has achieved the most star status of all. Chemex was invented in 1941 by a German chemist with the colloquial name Dr. Schlumbohm. Chemex gives you the chance to try your hand at the Walther White coffee kitchen, where coffee chemistry, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. A Chemex brings out the clean, deep flavours of coffee, if you ask us.

At ØNSK, we put additional focus on Chemex and ask all the questions: Where, when and why?

Kalita Wave

The Wave series is Kalita’s latest addition, which has quickly become popular with pour-over enthusiasts. Kalita Wave has three small outlet holes in its flat bottom, which is one of the reasons why this particular brewer is something special. This gives you a stronger cup of coffee, as the coffee beans are in contact with the water for longer. We go through the process and pour in our brewing guide to help you get the most out of your Kalita Wave.

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