Ratio is about the ratio between the coffee you brew and the coffee you end up with in your cup. This is where it might get a bit geeky for some, but it’s also where you really have a great tool when it comes to finding your optimal extraction rate and time.

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What is ratio?

The ratio, also called the brew ratio, is the ratio between the amount of ground coffee you use and the amount of finished brewed coffee you end up with in your coffee cup.

Filter coffee typically has a ratio of 1:18 and espresso has 1:2 or 1:3

There is also a slightly more technical explanation of how to calculate the ratio. In essence, it’s about how many grams of ground coffee you use in your filter basket versus how many grams of coffee spill out into your cup. And now it might get a bit mathematical, but this is also where it gets fun.

There is a formula to calculate your ratio:

Gram ground coffee / Gram brewed coffee x 100.

Why is brew ratio important?

The taste of your coffee varies by the recipe you use. Yes. You read right. As with many other tasty things in the kitchen, you also use a recipe when brewing coffee. The amount of each ingredient you use has an impact on the result. Just by adding or reducing the amount of water or coffee, you can change the taste, texture and aroma of the coffee.


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