Shade grown coffee

If you translate the word directly, it might make sense. However, we’d like to give you a helping hand with understanding the word, which is popping up more and more around as the talk turns to sustainability, ecology, Fairtrade, Rainforrest Alliance – and whatever other labels and certifications are out there.

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What is shade grown coffee?

Shade grown coffee is coffee grown in shade. The idea is to promote the natural, ecological process – and which preserves the biodiversity of the surrounding environment. This means that many plant and animal species can live in the coffee area, giving nutrients back to the soil and the coffee trees. In addition, the trees provide much-needed shade and moisture to the coffee trees, ensuring good quality coffee.

Coffee plantations are often grown near areas of high biodiversity, where expansion of agricultural areas threatens wildlife. In these areas, coffee farms with shade trees can form important green passages for wildlife or act as a buffer in the borderland between forest and intensive agriculture.

All trees absorb CO2 and store it as carbon in the trunk, branches and roots. Shade coffee farms are among the land uses, besides forests, that can capture and store the most carbon, which is an important part of the fight against climate change. The stored CO2 is converted into so-called CO2 credits, which are traded on international markets.

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