Single estate

You may be familiar with the term single origin, which we at ØNSK certainly have a great love for. But do you also know single estate? You’ll do so in less than a minute.

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What is single estate?

Single estate is coffee from the same farm or cooperative. As coffee farms produce their coffee differently, there will be the opportunity to experience completely unique flavors in single estate coffee. However, it requires that the quality of the beans is in order.

Enjoy single estate from ØNSK

ØNSK is a single origin coffee brand in the sense that we only sell coffee from Nicaragua and Peru. Our coffees are single estate and single farm coffees, sourced from our talented coffee farmers and cooperatives. Nicaragua as a coffee country is characterised by many, but small coffee farms. A high number of Nicaraguan and Peruvian farmers grow
organic coffee
and they are very good at it.

Nicaragua coffee contains a wide variety of flavor notes. The flavors range from sweet caramel, chocolate and nuts to balanced acidity from citrus fruits and to refined floral notes.

If you want to experience the best Nicaragua and Peru have to offer, we recommend trying our
coffee tasting package
. It’s exciting to explore, and features our personal favourites at a great price!

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