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Steamed milk is an essential when you’re making favourites like café latte, cappuccino, flat white – and there’s more where those came from. However, it is not entirely valid how the so-called steamed milk makes its way into the cup. We tell you more here!

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What is steamed milk?

Steamed milk is milk you’ve heated and frothed so it’s now ready to compliment a shot or two of espresso.

You steam milk on a, well, steamer. It’s what we call a steamer wand or arm, and it’s on an espresso machine like the one on our Rocket espresso machine. You can also use the manual milk frother, which looks like a whisk.

When you use steam to steam milk, you also get the kind of foam that’s easier to handle when you need to practice latte art.

How to froth milk to perfection

Let us give you a helping hand with that steamed milk. It’s not easy to achieve this foam, we have quite high standards.

Bring on the fresh milk! Now it’s time to steam majestic milk foam.

How to make latte art

When we talk about steamed milk, it’s hard to avoid latte art – especially when we’ve just mentioned the frothy art ourselves.

Latte art is the finishing touch to a good cup of coffee. Even if it’s just for show, a cappuccino just tastes better with a loving latte art heart on top. So we’ll teach you how to adorn your coffee with the classic in record time (yes, record!).

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