Biodegradable and organic coffee capsules

Biodegradable coffee capsules are perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without too much hassle. The coffee in the capsules is our own high-quality organic coffee, roasted in Copenhagen. Our capsules have recently been reviewed in Børsen, where they are ranked among the best coffee capsules for Nespresso. The coffee capsules, which are made from plant material, are compatible with Nespresso machines and can therefore be used as a plant-based alternative to Nespresso capsules and other aluminium or plastic capsules. They can be bought in packages or as a subscription.
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Kaffebrygning på maskine - bionedbrydelige kaffekapsler
Bionedbrydelige kaffe kapsler - ØNSK kaffe

What is a biodegradable coffee capsule?

ØNSK coffee capsules are biodegradable. That means they are made from plant-based material that is fully compostable (or, as we in Denmark call it, industrial composting). The capsules are produced using wind, water and solar energy and contain only natural, raw materials. Unfortunately, only a few municipalities currently take bio-waste to sorting plants, where bio-waste can be turned into compost. This is why ØNSK capsules should be sorted as residual waste, so that they can be included as a fossil-free energy source in the district heating supply. This means that ØNSK’s biodegradable capsules score positively in our energy consumption accounts, unlike ordinary capsules. Read more about how to sort your coffee capsules here.

What certification do the capsules have?

The capsules are certified with EU standard DIN EN ISO 14855, EN 13432 and DIN EN 13432:2000-12 and, according to the certification from the manufacturer, 90% of the capsule material is decomposed after 62 days under the right conditions. Certifications include:

  • Chemical test
  • Biodegradability under controlled composting conditions
  • Disintegration
  • Ecotoxicity test
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What is the difference between biodegradable capsules and regular capsules?

Most coffee capsules on the market today contain aluminium and plastic, which put a strain on our environment. This is why there are many advantages to choosing biodegradable coffee capsules. They are better for the environment, while still retaining the flavor and intensity of the coffee. This means there is no taste difference between biodegradable capsules and regular capsules. There is also no difference in the shelf life of the coffee in the capsules.

How long does it take for the capsule to decompose?

62 days
ØNSK coffee capsule
73000 days
Aluminium coffee capsule
Bionedbrydelige kaffekapsel - ØNSK kaffe
Bionedbrydelige kaffekapsle - ØNSK kaffe
Bionedbrydelige kaffekapsler - ØNSK kaffe