About Kalita Wave

Since 1958, Japanese Kalita has been producing coffee equipment. Their wave series is the latest big release, and it has quickly become popular with pour-over enthusiasts.

Kalita Wave is available in versions 185 and 155, where the 155 version is the one-cup brewer. Although Wave is very similar to other pour-over coffee makers like the Chemex and Hario V60, there is still a difference. The primary being that Kalita Wave has as many as three outlet holes in its flat bottom. In contrast, both the Chemex and V60 have just one large outlet hole and cone-shaped filters that culminate in a tip.

The intention behind the three outlet holes and the flat bottom is to allow the flow of coffee to be controlled so that the water flows evenly through the funnel. However, this places strict demands on you as a brewer, as the coffee is best if you use several and very precise pours.

But just calm down. We review the process and pours right here, in our brewing guide to Kalita Wave.

To brew you need:

  • Kalita Wave coffee maker
  • Kalita Wave coffee filter
  • Boiler with gooseneck
  • 7g ground coffee per. 100ml water
  • Boiling water
  • Cups
  • Jug / carafe
  • Stopwatch
  • Weight
  • Spoon

Course of action:

We brew on a Kalita Wave 185 and would like to end up with 300ml of coffee after brewing – the same as two cups of coffee. In order for the coffee not to over-extract, the brewing time should not exceed 3 minutes.

Use 21g ground coffee. The coffee must have the consistency of coarse salt (On a scale from 1-10, where 1 is perfectly fine and 10 is completely coarse, we are at 6-7 in degree of grinding).

Tip: To achieve the best result on Kalita Wave, it is important to brew with several short, precise and pulsating pours. Therefore, we recommend using a kettle with a gooseneck that significantly facilitates brewing.

We use Harios Buono boiler, which is available both with and without electricity.

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Kalita filtre

Kalita Wave filtre

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How to brew on Kalita Wave

Step 1

Start by pouring boiling water into the coffee filter before adding coffee.

Wet the coffee filter before use, removes any taste of paper that may be left in the paper filters.

At the same time, the boiling water warms the coffee carafe so that the coffee does not lose temperature.

kalita wave kaffebrygning med hario buono elkedel

Step 2

Discard the paper water in the carafe.

Measure 21g ground coffee up and pour it in the wet filter.

Make sure the coffee is level with your Kalita Wave.

kværnet kaffe til kalita wave

Step 3

Reset your weight, start your stopwatch, and then pour 60g of water over the ground coffee evenly, with a calm hand.

Make sure all the coffee gets wet and leave it until the clock hits 45 seconds. Use a spoon along the way to stir the coffee a little.

We call this initial pour the “bloom pour”. Here the coffee is allowed to blossom and degas, which you can see on the coffee rising in the funnel.

Hario buono hælder kaffe i Kalita Wave

Step 4

After 45 seconds, an additional 140g of water is poured into the funnel. This pour should take about 15 seconds.

Continue pouring with a calm hand, and distribute the water over the entire coffee in circular motions.

With Kalita Wave’s three outlet holes, you thereby ensure a clean extraction.

Kalita wave - kaffebrygning

Step 5

Between minute 1 and 2, pour small pours of approx. 40g water in the funnel over several rounds.

The task here is to keep the water at a fairly constant level until the weight says 380g.

After this, the coffee must be allowed to run through. It is a matter of assessment and taste when the brewing is finished. We recommend letting Kalita Wave run for 45 seconds after the last pour.

Do not let the total brewing time exceed 3 minutes, as the coffee will then overextract.

Place the funnel in the sink or in another container after use.

kaffebrygning på kalita wave
Kalita wave

Step 6

Now you should like to be left with approx. 300ml coffee.

Give the carafe a few rounds in the air and let the coffee cool a bit. Then distribute it in the cups and enjoy your perfect brew.

With Kalita Wave you get a uniform and very delicate cup of coffee with lots of aroma and taste.

kaffe brygget med kalita wave

Get started brewing with Kalita wave

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Kalita filtre

Kalita Wave filtre

Fra: 60,00 kr. ex. moms
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