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Tips & tricks

A Christmas gift guide for coffee lovers

Merry Christmas & Happy Coffee! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way [...]

Brewing guides

How to brew the ultimate french press coffee

French press brew guide A timeless classic, the french press remains one of the most [...]

This is where your coffee comes from

Coffee capsules 101: how to recycle used coffee capsules

Photo by Karsten Seiferlin Coffee capsules: environmentally friendly or not? Unfortunately, even when you’re taking [...]

Tips & tricks

10 things you can do with used coffee grounds

2: Soft, clean and odorless hands Used coffee grounds are a great thing to lying [...]

Tips & tricks

Step-by-step guide to coffee tasting (cupping)

How to coffee test – Cupping [...]

Tips & tricks

The ultimate coffee weekend

Sunday morning: Endless Kuska [...]

Tips & tricks

Store your coffee properly: 🖐️ 5 easy steps for better coffee

Whole beans are fresher than ground coffee 🌰 The bean shell is an absolutely perfect [...]

Tips & tricks

Guide to waste sorting of coffee capsules: Metal container or household waste? 🤔

Photo by Karsten Seiferlin Coffee capsules are unhealthy for the environment Even when you have [...]