An easy latte art classic

Latte art is the finishing touch to a good cup of coffee. Even if it’s solely for the sake of sight, a cappuccino tastes just a little better when a nice latte art figure floats upstairs.

But it is not always easy. In the art of coffee, the heart shape is a classic, and it is probably also the easiest to make. At least we claim that anyone with the right equipment can learn to make the heart in milk foam. And here we teach you how to make the classic in record time.

(Heart) defects in milk froth

A big part of making good latte art is having the right milk froth. For a heart, the foam must be thick and smooth, and it is therefore important that you steam the milk foam exactly right.

Most latte art designs start with an initial pour, where one does not try to draw in the milk foam yet. But many are already making their first mistake here, as they are either pouring the milk too close or too far from the cup.

When an artist paints a picture, she uses a canvas to paint on. Pouring the milk incorrectly into the cup from the start is equivalent to ruining your canvas before you even start making your coffee art.

What coffee for latte art?

Precisely because of the slightly thicker milk foam needed to make the heart, this figure fits really well in a cappuccino . But you can make latte art in all kinds of milk coffees (caffe latte, flat white, etc.), as long as the starting point is a good and well-brewed espresso.

There are many different types of coffee, and it is especially easy to confuse the many types of coffee with milk if you do not know the difference. Therefore, if you want to be able to separate your coffees when you have to show your latte art in front of friends and guests, it may be an idea to have a small guide in the kitchen. It can, for example, be a coffee poster, which also decorates nicely in the home.

Latte art occurs in interaction with the crema from the espresso shoot. The golden brown foam from the coffee creates a perfect and beautiful contrast to the white milk.

Read here to understand espresso coffee and crema .

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What milk for latte art?

Latte art can be made with all kinds of milk – even oat milk and equivalent. There is also milk called ‘latte art milk’, which is created to make the work easier. These types of milk have a slightly higher and more constant content of protein, which makes it easier to stabilize the foam . They are typically also more expensive, and as long as you use fresh milk, there is no need to spend money on that kind of thing.

Many people mistakenly believe that the fat percentage has an effect on the quality of milk foam. However, that is not the case. The fat content of milk has an effect on the consistency and taste of the milk foam, but a lighter milk can foam at least as well, if not better, than a fat milk.

How to make a heart in latte art:

What you need:

hjerte i latteart

1) Pour milk froth into the cup

Start by pouring milk froth into the cup. Pour so that you hit right in the middle from a distance of approx. 5-10 centimeters.

You do this to lift the crema and stretch the “canvas” you need to make the heart on.

Latte art for begyndere

2) Lower the jug and keep pace

When the cup is half full, lower the jug to the surface of the coffee. Continue pouring in the center of the cup so that the heart gets the right location.

You must never completely stop pouring, and the maneuver must take place in one sliding motion. Keep a good pace so that the milk foam spreads in the cup.

Now the heart should begin to take shape.

hjerte i latteart

3) Lift the jug and draw a line

When there is no room for more milk foam in the cup, lift the jug again.

Foam should still be poured in, but slow down the pace and draw a fine line through the cup and latte art. This gives the heart a small tail and ensures the right shape.

cappuccino - ØNSK Kaffe

Voila! A heart in latte art

Now you have learned how to make a heart in milk foam.

The next time your girlfriend has to be surprised with breakfast in bed, you can serve the coffee with the finishing touch.

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