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Milk foam on all types of milky drinks

The perfect milk foam is soft as velvet and sweet as sugar, and it is the natural companion to a strong espresso. You can make milk foam on all types of milky drinks – whole milk, skim milk, oat milk, almond milk and even lactose-free milk can be made into milk foam. There will of course be a difference in the consistency of the foam. Fat milk tends to be more creamy, whereas a light milk foams more. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is the protein of the milk and not the fat that makes it foamy.

Whichever one you use for your milk foam, it is important to have a milk steamer like the one on our espresso machine from Rocket if you want to achieve the best result. Especially if the foam is to be used for latte art, it is necessary to use steam. A milk foamer who whips the milk instead cannot.

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Pour the milk

Fill your milk jug with fresh milk. Leave plenty of space in the jug as the milk will expand like foam.

Sådan laver du mælkeskum
Sådan laver du mælkeskum

Clean the steamer

Remove residual water or milk from the steamer stick by wrapping a cloth around and turning on the steamer. Be careful not to get burned by the hot steam.

Place the steam stick

The jug should be kept upright and straight. Place the steam stick in the milk so that the head of the stick is only just below the surface. The stick should be placed slightly away from the center, but should not touch the sides of the jug.

Sådan laver du mælkeskum
Sådan laver du mælkeskum

Full force

Turn on the steamer and make sure you use enough force by turning it all the way up.

If the milk starts to “scream” instead of bubbling, you have either not turned up the steam completely or placed the steamer stick incorrectly in the milk.

Place one hand on the side of the milk jug. It should be your thermometer.

Thick or airy milk foam?

As the milk gets warmer, it will expand and develop.

If you want a lot of foam, lower the jug as the milk rises so that the steamer sticks to the surface of the milk. That way you add more air to the milk.

If, on the other hand, you want a rich and thick milk foam, maintain the height of the jug and let the steamer stick disappear into the foam.

Tip: Only add air to your foam as long as the milk is cold. When you feel the jug getting hotter than your hand, keep the jug still. Otherwise, the milk foam will have difficulty accumulating.

Sådan laver du mælkeskum
Sådan laver du mælkeskum

Not too high temperature

The steam from the steamer must send the foam around in a circular motion.

Let the milk circle until the jug gets too hot to hold your hand on it. Then wait a few seconds, then turn off the steamer. The milk should have a temperature of about 60 °.

Tip: If there is a deep, rumbling noise from the milk jug during steaming, it may indicate that the milk is boiling.

Be careful. If the milk foam gets too hot, it gets a mushy taste that is unsuitable for coffee.

Let the milk foam rest

Set the milk jug aside and clean the steamer stick again as before.

A moment of rest gives the air bubbles in the milk foam time to disappear. If the milk still contains larger bubbles, tap the bottom of the milk jug a few times against the table.

Sådan laver du mælkeskum
sving mælkekanden rundt

Swing the milk foam around

As soon as the milk jug is free of air bubbles, you start swinging the foam around in the jug.

The movement must gather milk and foam, so that you end up with a shiny, creamy and velvety milk foam – like the one in the picture.

Pour your milk froth on the coffee

By swinging the milk jug until it has to be poured on, the consistency of the milk froth is preserved. If you leave the milk jug standing, the milk will start to separate.

Tip : Always use fresh milk!

Milk proteins, which are the reason why milk can be skimmed, will degenerate over time.

Therefore, fresh milk provides the best milk froth.

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