FETCO 3.0L Pump Lever Airpot


FETCO 3.0L Pump Lever Airpot is a coffee pot, that keeps the coffee warm until you are ready to enjoy it. In our experience, the pot can keep the coffee warm for up to 3-4 hours. Of course you should test it out yourself and decide how long you deem that the coffee can be kept and still maintain a quality level you are satisified with.

The coffee pot is great for self-service since it's easy to pour from, it's well isolated and it keeps the coffee warm.

It also have an outer layer, that keeps the outside of the pot cold, so you don't burn your hands while carrying the pot.

The pump system is easy to use, and ensures that you easily get the amount of coffee you want.

FETCO 3.0 Pump Lever Airpot has a smart carrying handle, so the pot can be easily moved around.


Capacity 3 liters
Weight 13.0 kg.
Size w: 18 x h: 45,7 x d: 23.4 cm



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