Bodum plunger jug 8 cups


Freshly brewed plunger jug coffee - a classic!
We all know the classic plunger coffee. Many people swear by the plunger jug when they want an exquisite coffee experience. Which is understandable, as the plunger jug gives the coffee a particularly full-bodied and rounded taste. The reason is, that the jug has a steel filter, that allows all the oils from the coffee to pass, and they add a lot of flavour.

This is why we have allied ourselves with Bodum, who manufactures a classic plunger jug. It is also available in a half size version, which you can buy here.

Cold brew coffee
The plunger jug is also perfect for cold brew, where you leave the coffee brewing in the fridge for 14 – 16 hours before you use the plunger.

How does it work?
1. This size can brew 8 cups of coffee equivalent to 1 liter, and you should therefore use 56g, calculated from 7g per cup. The coffee must be ground fairly coarsely so that you don't get a lot of grounds in the cup. If the plunger is difficult to press down, it is probably because the coffee has been grinded too coarsely.

2. Once you have grinded the coffee, pour 1 liter of hot water into the jug and stir well in the with a spoon so that all the coffee is mixed with the water.

3. Put the plunger on the jug and wait for 4 min before you push the plunger down and voila - you have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Easy!

Tip: freshly grinded coffee gives far more flavour and a better coffee experience. We recomment that you buy a Wilfa coffee grinder to complement your plunger jug, if you don't own one already.