Café de Alturas – Dark roast coffee

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An exquisite dark roast coffee with an incredibly deep and sweet coffee taste with notes of dark chocolate, fatty hazelnuts and cane sugar.


About the coffee

Café de Alturas is a fabulous dark roast coffee with an incredibly deep and sweet coffee flavour.

The flavor notes are dark chocolate, hazelnuts and brown sugar. These flavours results in a coffee that makes you want to stay at home. This creamy and round taste makes it suitable for milk based coffee drinks, where the coffee taste is clearly noticable.

Andreas from ØNSK is very fond of this particular dark roast coffee from Café de Alturas: "It's the perfect choice when I make coffee for a larger group, where there are different preferences for the coffee. It is well suited for both milk based coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, but also as a pure espresso which I myself love!"


Café de Alturas

Country, region Nicaragua, San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega.
Height 1.100-1.450 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Wet milling, patio
Varieties Arabica (Caturra,  Red Catuai, Parainema)
Roast profiles Medium roast and dark roast
The story behind Café de Alturas

The drive to the coffee cooperative Coom Cafe is long and winding. The cooperative consists of 50 coffee farms that cultivate some absolutely spectacular coffees in the Nicaraguan mountains.

The coffee produced in this area is called Café de Alturas. Translated it means coffee from the heights and the name could not be more appropriate. Up here the air is thin, but the coffee trees grow well and are filled with fat berries. The perfect conditions for the production of quality coffee.

In the lush mountain area around the city of San Rafael del Norte, Coom Cafe also makes a tenacious effort to enhance the quality. The cooperative has built a development lab, where the farmers' coffee is tasted and quality-determined, and they are also financing the training of the coffee farmers and farm developments.

Even though the coffee production is the main focus, we are always greeted with great hospitality when we visit the area. And obviously we are always offered the coffee that the people in San Rafael del Norte are so rightly proud of.

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Visiting Café de Alturas

A short video from our visit at Café de Alturas. We visit the coffee farms, as well as the cooperative's own café, roastery and quality laboratory.