Peru – Cesar Sampertegui – Light roast coffee

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A sweet, fruity coffee with notes of cane sugar, peach and rose.


A complex and harmonious honey coffee from the farmer Cesar Sampertegui, grown high up in the Peruvian mountains. The coffee has a distinct sweetness like cane sugar, with a distinct note, like juicy peach, which is completely unique! It has a long and pleasant aftertaste, where the fruity flavour notes develop into a floral, rose-like taste. The coffee is a so-called "honey coffee" which means that instead of removing the sugary pulp from the coffee bean, Cesar leaves it on, and the coffee therefore dries together with the sticky, honey-like pulp - hence the name "honeys". Read more about the honeys in our blog about the subject. The coffee is lightly roasted to highlight all the nuances of the coffee, and stands out as a pour-over coffee or Aeropress for those who want to experiment with different brewing recipes.

Rasmus from ØNSK is particularly excited about this honey coffee:"I'm really impressed that Cesar manages to bring out both the sweetness of the honey, as well as fruity and floral flavours in the coffee. It all blends together in a harmonius way and results in a complex, yet very pleasant coffee experience. Cesar is a farmer, who knows everything about growing honey coffee and the visit at his farm was a beautiful and inspiring coffee experience."”.

Cesar Sampertegu

Country, region Peru, San Ignacio, Cajamarca.
Height 2.000-2.200 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Honey
Varieties Arabica (Caturra, Red Catuai, Parainema)
Roasting profile Light roast
Rasmus Ditlev og Cesar Sampertegui brygger kaffe på en AeroPress i 2 kilometers højde
Kaffebær groet i højderne
Udsigt fra Cesar Samperteguis kaffegård

The story behind Cesar and Finca Oropel

This honey coffee comes from the farm Oropel, which is also the name of a local tree that grows in the region, and is grown by the Sempertegui family which consists of the couple Cesar and María, their two children Gina and Erica aged 10 and 3 and their dog Cumpa. The farm is located around 2000 meters above sea level, and offers an exceptional view of the mountainous and lush landscape. The mountainside is steep, and reaching the upper coffee field is a bit of challenge, which makes you think of the difficulties of having to get the heavy sacks of coffee berries down to the farm.

The Sempertegui family is a family dedicated to coffee. Their speciality is the challenging honey process which places great demands on being able to control the fermentation that takes place during the entire drying process of the coffee. First, the coffee ferments as a whole berry for 100 hours, after which the fruit peel is removed and the coffee dries then dries with the sticky pulp for around 20 days where the fermentation continues. The result is a so-called Red Honey which is both famous and notorious due to the great sweetness and complexity of the coffee and the challenging fermentation process it has been through. The hard work has paid off as Cesar has been awarded the prestigious “Cup of Excellence”, which is a price for farmers awarded for the very best coffees. His 6,000 kilos of coffee were among the 17 best in all of Peru, which is impressive in a country that grows almost 23 million kilos of coffee.