Chemex Classic | 3 Cups


Designed for the perfect coffee experience!
The uniquely designed coffee maker from Chemex is created to provide the perfect cup of coffee - every time! The Chemex coffee maker is characterized by the characteristic hourglass shape and a polished wooden collar with a leather cord, which in addition to decorating the breakfast table also ensures a full use of the coffee's potential. Read more about Chemex and its history in our blog post

The high-quality heat-resistant laboratory glass ensures a rich and pure coffee taste - without the bitterness that often occurs. At the same time, the thick coffee filters ensure that essential oils and bitterness are removed.

We recommend using medium roast coffee beans when brewing on a Chemex.

Have a look at our medium roast variants here: Organic medium roast Corcasan, Organic medium roast Leonel, Premium medium roast Santos Isabel.

You can get your Chemex pairs filters or your organic and reusable cloth filters here.