Chemex Classic | 6 Cups


A great brewing experience - every time! Here at ØNSK we love brewing our coffee on a Chemex coffee maker. In fact, this is how we start every day in the office. By using a Chemex coffee maker, you get a coffee that is more intense and has a pure taste - without the usual bitterness that makes coffee a boring experience. This is mainly due to the fact that the jug from Chemex is made of high-quality laboratory glass, which is heat-resistant and therefore does not release flavour to the coffee.

Apart of that, the filters are really thick, which helps by removing the bitterness and the essential oils. Coffee and design is a match made in heaven.

Apart of providing an excellent coffee experience, Chemex has also become a bit of a design icon.

The characteristic hourglass shape and the shiny wooden collar with the leather cord elevates the jug to a piece of art on the breakfast table. Make sure to also get the beautiful glass lid, which keeps the coffee warm and fresh long after it has been brewed. The iconic and award-winning design from 1941 is not only beautiful, but provides an exquisite coffee experience. Read more about Chemex and the story behind it in our blog.


Which coffee should you use with Chemex?
We recomment to use a medium roast coffee. The brewing method gives you the option to get a very pureand rich coffee flavour, that enhances the unique aroma of the coffee bean. The lighter roast you use, the more pronounced will the unique taste of the coffee bean be.

Take a look at our medium roast coffees: Leonel Valladares, Corcasan, Café de Alturas.You can also find your Chemex pairs filters or your organic and reusable cloth filters here.