Coffee tasting package


Here you will find ØNSK's tasting package, which contains 4 of our most popular organic coffees. All the coffees are from Nicaragua and Peru, and you decide whether your coffee should be a dark or medium roast or if you want whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee.

With 1000 grams of coffee divided into four different bags, you are ready for the ultimate coffee experience. You get them in a package at a favorable price.

So if you ask yourself; “which coffee should I choose?,” this is our suggestion for a coffee experience beyond the usual.


In the medium roast package you get:

1 x 250g Organic Leonel Valladares

1 x 250g Organic Corcasan

1 x 250g Organic Kuska

1 x 250g Coffee of the month


In the dark roast package you get:

1 x 250g Organic El Palto

1 x 250g Organic Corcasan

1 x 250g Organic Café de Alturas

1 x 250g Coffee of the month


This is how it works:

You decide whether the coffee should be medium roast or dark roast, as well as whether you want whole beans or pre-ground coffee.


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