Coffee subscription: Beans

From: 26,00  / month

We ship the coffee on the 15th of this month. Deadline for ordering is the 14th at midnight.
Next shipment:
Your ØNSK coffee subscription contains two bags of coffee
And in addition to your regular freshly roasted organic coffee, you get “Coffee of the Month” every month, which is a new organic and unique coffee every time.
    Medium roasted coffee is well suited for filter coffee, french press or handbrewed.
    Dark roasted coffee is for you who brew coffee on an espresso machine, mocha machine, or just like a strong cup of coffee.

    Corcasan: A creamy and full-bodied medium-roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate and pecans.

    Leonel Valladares: Delicate honey sweetness with fruity notes of peach which ends with round notes of almond.

    Kuska: A sweet and creamy coffee with notes of milk chocolate and ripe raspberries.

    Corcasan: Full-bodied and intense with notes of creamy dark chocolate and pecans.

    Café de Alturas: An eminently dark-roasted coffee that contains an incredibly deep and sweet coffee taste with notes of dark chocolate, fatty hazelnuts and cane sugar.

    El Palto: A full-bodied and bold coffee with notes of cocoa nibs, caramel and dark berries.

    We deliver 250g of "Coffee of the Month" every month.
    Choose how much coffee you want in addition.