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A creamy and rich medium roast coffee with notes of dark chocolate and pecans.


Jonas Petersen
I'm really happy wit..
I'm really happy with Corcasan and its delicious chocolate taste. I often brew it in my French Press, where its creamy taste really comes forward!

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  1. Jonas Petersen

    I’m really happy with Corcasan and its delicious chocolate taste. I often brew it in my French Press, where its creamy taste really comes forward!

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Corcasan - Medium roast coffee

The coffee from the Corcasan cooperative is rich and intense with notes of creamy dark chocolate and pecans.

Country, region Nicaragua, Madriz.
Height 1.150-1.500 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Wet milling, African beds
Sort Arabica (Caturra, Pacamara, Maragogype)
Victor Espersen - ØNSK Kaffe

Victor from ØNSK says: "The coffee from Corcasan shows some of the best aspects of Nicaraguan coffee - it's rich and intense, with a boldness that's not overly sweet, like dark chocolate and nuts. It's a coffee that's great for morning coffee, when you're in a hurry and want a good cup of coffee without too many surprises."

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Direct trade

We deal directly with the coffee farmers to ensure they are properly paid for the hard work they put into producing high quality coffee.

Forest grown coffee

The coffee is grown in the shade of other trees, which has a number of advantages: more absorption of CO2, more biodiversity, a healthier soil that does not require pesticides, and not least a better tasting coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee

When you order coffee from ØNSK, it is always freshly roasted and of high quality. We roast the coffee every week and have a promise that we will not ship coffee that is more than 21 days from the roasting date.

100% hand-picked coffee

All coffee is hand-picked, which is your guarantee of high quality. This means that only the best and ripest berries have been picked.

The story behind Corcasan

Deep inside the northern rainforest of Nicaragua, lies a hidden coffee cooperative. Here, in the town of San Juan del Río Coco, 217 family-run coffee farms are united in the production of amazing coffee.

Even though the free-range hens are lazily walking around, scraping the ground, Corcosan is a busy place. Because they are striving to improve the conditions for the women in the coffee industry. Corcasan currently consists of 84 strong, female farmers, and half of the cooperative’s administration are women.

Through the Corcasan cooperative, the farmers are being taught about coffee cultivation and are getting financial assistance, which explains the high quality of the coffee and the cooperative’s efficient organic coffee production.

Together with Corcosan, we are providing coffee, that not only taste amazingly. It also leaves a positive imprint on the local community and the nature of the beautiful San Juan del Río Coco.

ØNSK besøger Corcasan - kaffebønder - kaffegårde
Rasmus og Mayra Corcasan
Corcasan - Medium roast coffee

Video blog from Corcasan

Join us as we visit the Corcasan coffee cooperative, meet the member Pablo, and are having a party with music and piñata.

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Corcasan - Medium roast coffee

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