Peru – El Palto – Dark roast coffee

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A rich and bold coffee with notes of cocoa nibs, caramel and dark berries.


The coffee from El Palto is a deep, rich coffee, packed with flavour! It has an intense taste of cocoa nibs, combined with notes of bold, sweet caramel. These taste notes are balanced by a deep and fresh taste of dark berries.

Ziggy from ØNSK says: “I love brewing the coffee from El Palto on my espresso machine at home. In the mornings an espresso is a must, it's intense but also a bit fresh and lively. In the afternoon, I prefer a latte or cortado, and when adding milk, the El Palto coffee becomes pleasant and deliciously sweet, like creamy caramel.”

The coffee is grown deep inside the Amazon rainforest, in the tiny village of El Palto. Carmen and Edis Herrera, along with 110 other farms in the Jumarp cooperative, grow this organic coffee here in the shade of the rainforest. Together, they are able to grow high-quality coffee and through the cooperative, they continuously start new development projects where, among other things, they invest in new varieties, drying methods and shade trees that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

El Palto

Country, region Peru, El Palto, Cajamarca.
Height 1.400 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Washed, raised beds
Varieties Arabica (Castillo, Catimor, Bourbon, Marsellesa)
Roasting profile Dark roast
Carmen Herrera, Rasmus Ditlev, og Edis Herrera står ved deres kaffegård Finca El Mirador i Peru med flot udsigt over bjergene
På besøg i kaffemarkerne i Peru
Udsigt over bjerge en morgen i El Palto i Peru

The story behind

We are located in Peru, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, the nearest paved road is miles away, surrounded by high mountains and exotic plants. We have arrived to a small village, hidden between two large mountains; El Palto - which means "the avocado." We are going to visit Carmen and Edis Herrera, who in addition to owning the small organic coffee farm El Mirador, are also the owners of El Palto's only "restaurant" where Edis offers Peruvian specialties every night to El Palto visitors. Their farm is guarded by the dog Rocky and we are going on a hike among the coffee trees on their 9-acre farm. The coffee from El Palto is produced by Carmen and Edis and their 110 neighbors in El Palto, who has joined forces in the Jumarp cooperative. Together they can offer some of the best we have ever tasted in Peru, grown in the shadow of the Amazon rainforest.

Rainforest coffee

Despite the name “the avocado", the city of El Palto lives and breathes for coffee and there are hundreds of small coffee farms on the steep mountain sides. The name avocado isn't entirely wrong though. The coffee in El Palto is grown in the shade of the Amazon rainforest, where countless avocado trees provide shade for the smaller coffee trees. Coffee grown in the rainforest is amazing, as the trees protect the exotic animal and plant life, and give the coffee farmers additional income from avocados and other fruits.