Corcasan - Espresso coffee capsules

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The espresso capsule from Corcasan has a dark, strong taste with notes of chocolate and nuts.

Corcasan - Espresso coffee capsules

The espresso capsule from Corcasan is compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. It has a dark, strong flavor with notes of chocolate and nuts. For those of you who want a great, delicious cup of coffee without too much hassle.

The coffee comes from the coffee cooperative Corcasan, located in the northern part of Nicaragua. The cooperative consists of 248 family-run coffee farms, that produce organic coffee.

Corcasan has a strong focus on educating its members.
This means, for example:

  • to collect rainwater and reuse it in the production of coffee.
  • to develop the dioversity of the coffee field to protect the local flora and fauna.
  • to work with female farm owners and hire more women to strengthen gender equality.

It is through these and other initiatives that we, together with Corcasan, can deliver coffee that not only tastes great, but also leaves a positive imprint on the local community and nature in San Juan Del Rio Coco.

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Direct trade

We deal directly with coffee farmers to ensure that they are properly paid for the hard work they put into producing high-quality coffee. Read more here.

Forest grown coffee

The coffee is grown in the shade of other trees, which has a number of advantages: more absorption of CO2, more biodiversity, a healthier soil that does not require pesticides, and not least a better tasting coffee. Read more here.

Compostable capsules

The coffee capsules contain high-quality organic specialty coffee. The capsule itself is made from a plant-based material that is compostable.

100% hand-picked coffee

All coffee is hand-picked, which is your guarantee of high quality. This means that only the best and ripest berries have been picked.

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Maybe your company is facing a green transition. Or maybe you're already in a sustainable business that wants to go even greener. Either way, there's no doubt that saving packaging has a positive impact on your company's green credentials - and on the environment.

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