Hario Buono Electric kettle 0.8L


Additional user-friendliness with Hario Buono electric kettle
The electric version of the classic Hario Buono pouring pot ensures additional user-friendliness. The 1000 W heating element heats the water in an instant, and Hario Buono can heat even small amounts of water - all the way down to 150 ml. Because of this the electric kettle is great, regardless whether you brew in a one-cup Hario V60 or a bigger variant of the Chemex coffee maker. The safety mechanisms of the kettle make the Hario Buono switch off if the kettle is boiled empty of water, or if you accidentally start it while it's empty.

Functionality and design
In addition to user-friendliness, the functionality and design of the Hario Buono are also top notch. The elegant swan neck of the kettle ensures that it is easy to pour water without spilling. The ergonomic handle is designed so that it fits perfectly in the hand and is placed at a good distance from the hot sides of the kettle. The kettle can rotate 360° on the electrical base, which means it is easy to place and access it everywhere in the kitchen. You can also hide excess wire in the base, so you can avoid clutter on the kitchen table.

The kettle with lid weighs 650g and has a capacity of 0.8 liters of water.



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