Hario V60 coffee maker 1-CUP Ceramics


A modern classic!
Behold a true classic made in aesthetic ceramics. If you like filter coffee but not the boring kind from a machine, a Hario V60 coffee maker might be what you need. It combines the nerdiness of the pour-over method with the classic coffee funnel in a model that is perfect for a single cup of coffee. Hario is mostly known for inventing this special coffee funnel, which at fist glance look simple but which in reality is rather unique and advanced.
The uniqueness of a Hario V60 coffee maker lies in the curved lines inside the funnel. They ensure, that the water doesn't run around the coffee and directs the water towards the middle of the filter. This ensures that the water and coffee are connected for a longer period, which gives a better extractions, which simply means that you will get a better coffee with more flavour. Learn more about the Hario V60 og the story behind it in our blog.

How do you use the Hario V60?
First you need a coffee. We recommend that you use a medium roast coffee on a Hario V60. You can find an in dept brewing guide for the Hario V60 right here.

PS: You can also get your Hario paper filters or your CoffeeSock reusable filters made of organic cotton in our shop.