Hario V60 coffee filters 100 pcs

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Hario V60 coffee filters for the Hario v60 1-cup coffee maker and the 2-cups coffee maker and the Hario 3-cups coffee maker.

The coffee filters from Hario are special and of a much highter quality than the filters you can buy in your local grocery store. The high quality of paper ensures that the Hario v60 filters add less paper and off-taste to the coffee.
The Hario filters fit exactly to the incline of a Hario V60 coffee maker.
The filters are easy to use and are made from unbleached paper without chlorine. Instead they are oxygen-bleached, which is a better environmental alternative. The coffee filters from Hario can be thrown into the green bio bucket with the coffee grounds after use.

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The package contains 100 pcs. white coffee filters made of paper.
Model numner: VCF-01-100W, VCF-02-100W , VCF-03-100W

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