Hario V60 starter pack


Hario V60 starter pack
If you are a Hario's coffee makers newbie, we have put together a package with everything you need, so you can start training your pourover technique on the famous Hario V60. Hario is mostly known for inventing this special coffee funnel, which at first glance may seem simple, but is in fact unique and sophisticated.

The uniqueness lies in the curved lines inside the funnel. They ensure, that the water doesn't run around the coffee and directs the water towards the middle of the filter. This ensures that the water and coffee are connected for a longer period, which gives a better extractions, which simply means that you will get a better coffee with more flavour. Learn more about Hario V60 and the story behind it in our blog .

In a Hario V60 starter pack you'll get:

1 x Hario 2-cups coffee maker made of white cheramic

1 x Hario V60 glass jug 600ml

1 x Hario 2-cups coffee filters 100 pcs

Remember to find some nice, freshly roasted coffee beans for your brewing set. Rasmus, our coffee specialist, recommends a medium or light roast coffee for the Hario V60, as it brings out more of the coffee's natural flavour nuances. In addition, a lighter roast ensures a softer and more balanced taste. You can for example try the rich, sweet Café de Altuas, or Rasmus’ personal favorite Silvio Sanchez, if you like a wild, fruity taste.