Kalita Wave 185 coffee maker


Kalita Wave 185

Kalita Wave is a famous pour-over coffee maker, that simultaniously brews a clean and complex cup of filter coffee. Kalita Wave 185 is the largest of the two coffee makers in the Wave-series from Japanese Kalita.

Unlike other brewing equipment intended for pour-over coffee, the funnel on a Kalita Wave is flat at the bottom. There are also three outlet holes in the bottom from which the coffee is extracted. The holes helps limiting and controlling the flow of water through the filter, providing a more concentrated and uniform extraction. In short it means, that with a Kalita Wave you get a slightly stronger and more intense taste than in many other filter coffees.

It's very difficult to make huge brewing errors on a Kalita Wave, which consistently will brew a great, aromatic coffee, filled with taste nuances. Follow our brewing guide og ensure a perfect result .

The name Wave was given to the Kalita because of the shape of the filter, which looks like a wave. The idea behind the undulating filter is that it acts as a heat insulator during the brewing process, as the filter and the coffee maker have very little direct contact.

The Kalita Wave 185 is made of steel, and it's perfect for camping and traveling, as it's light and very durable.

You can also get the Kalita in a smaller version that can brew 1-2 cups. You can find it here.

Get coffee filters for your Kalita Wave 185 here.