Kuska - Medium roasted coffee


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En sød og cremet kaffe med noter af mælkechokolade og modne hindbær.

Kuska - Medium roasted coffee

The coffee from Kuska has a great sweetness and creamy feel like a good milk chocolate. Balanced by a subtle fruitiness reminiscent of ripe raspberries.

Country, region Peru, Lonya Grande, Cajamarca.
Height 1.400 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Washed, raised beds
Sort Arabica (Castillo, Catimor, Bourbon, Marsellesa)
Jonas Ellebæk Petersen fra ØNSK

At ØNSK, Jonas is particularly fond of this coffee: "Kuska is one of my favorite coffees when I make a pot of filter coffee on my Moccamaster on a Sunday morning. It is sweet and full-bodied with a hint of fruitiness, which makes it a hit at home. Plus, it reminds me of my visit to the cooperative in Peru, which is an experience I'll never forget!"

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Direct trade

We deal directly with the coffee farmers to ensure they are properly paid for the hard work they put into producing high quality coffee.

Forest grown coffee

The coffee is grown in the shade of other trees, which has a number of advantages: more absorption of CO2, more biodiversity, a healthier soil that does not require pesticides, and not least a better tasting coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee

When you order coffee from ØNSK, it is always freshly roasted and of high quality. We roast the coffee every week and have a promise that we will not ship coffee that is more than 21 days from the roasting date.

100% hand-picked coffee

All coffee is hand-picked, which is your guarantee of high quality. This means that only the best and ripest berries have been picked.

The story behind Kuska

This coffee comes from a group of female producers in Northern Peru. They are all part of the Jumarp cooperative which has launched this initiative for the female members. In addition to a price above the market price, the women’s coffee is sold at a premium of DKK 2.5 per kilo, which goes directly to the Kuska project. The money is used for education in coffee cultivation, leadership and marketing, as well as for investments that can boost the income of the women. For example, they have invested in a coffee roaster so they can roast and sell their own coffee locally in Peru, increasing their income and knowledge of the coffee industry. We have called this coffee Kuska, as it means woman in Quechua, one of the local languages of Peru.

In our opinion, a project like this is very much needed in Peru. Inequality is a major challenge they are facing, and being an independent female coffee producer is not always easy. We visited several of the members of this project, including Laura Chavez who lives on the small farm Chululo with her daughter Andrea. Although Laura’s farm is no bigger than 2 hectares, she is passionate about constantly improving the quality of her coffee, and she plans to plant new varieties such as the popular Geisha – we think that’s really cool!

Laura Chavez og Rasmus-Kuska-kaffe-Peru
Laura fra Kuska
Solnedgang i Peru med bjerge i baggrunden

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Kuska - Medium roasted coffee

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