Peru – Kuska – Medium roast coffee

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A sweet, creamy coffee with notes of milk chocolate and ripe raspberries.


The coffee from Kuska has a delicious sweet and creamy taste, like a high quality milk chocolate, balanced by a discreet fruitiness reminiscent of ripe raspberries. It's a coffee that is particularly suitable as a filter coffee, as it's soft and pleasant and has a hint of freshness reminiscent of ripe, red raspberries.

At ØNSK Jonas is particularly fond of this coffee:"Kuska is one of my favorite coffees when I brew a pot of filter coffee on my Moccamaster on Sunday mornings. It's sweet and rich with a hint of fruitiness, making it a hit at home. In addition, it reminds me of my visit to the Peruvian cooperative, which was an experience I will never forget!"

The coffee is grown by the women of the Jumarp cooperative, under the supervision of Laura Chavez, who you can see on the photo below. Laura and her daughter Andrea lives on the 2 hectare small farm Chululo and together with 41 other women they grow this coffee, which, in addition to having an amazing taste, also supports the independence of women in Peru. This is why the coffee is named KUSKA, which means "woman" in Quechua, the local tribe language of northern Peru. Read more about the project below.


Country, region Peru, Lonya Grande, Cajamarca.
Height 1.400 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Washed, raised beds
Varieties Arabica (Castillo, Catimor, Bourbon, Marsellesa)
Roasting profile Medium roast
Rasmus Ditlev, Laura Chavez og Jonas Ellebæk Petersen på kaffegård i Peru
Laura Chavez tørrer natural kaffer i Peru
Solnedgang i Peru med bjerge i baggrunden

The story behind

This coffee comes from a group of female producers in Northern Peru. They are all part of the Jumarp cooperative which has launched this initiative for the female members. The coffee from the women is sold at a price above marked level and an extra surcharge of 2.5 kr. has been added, which goes directly to the project. The money is used for education in coffee cultivation, leadership and marketing, as well as for investments that can boost the income of the women. For example, they have invested in a coffee roaster so that the female coffee farmers can roast and sell their own coffee locally in Peru, in order to increase their income and knowledge of the coffee industry. We have named this coffee KUSKA, which means woman in Quechua which is one of the local tribe languages in Peru.

In our opinion, a project like this is very much needed in Peru. Inequality is a major challenge they are facing, and being an independent female coffee producer is not always easy. We have visited several of the members of this project, including Laura Chavez who lives on the small farm Chululo together with her daughter Andrea. Although Laura's farm is only around 2 hectares, she is passionate about constantly raising the quality of her coffee, and she plans to plant new varieties such as the popular Geisha - we think that's incredibly cool!