Leonel Valladares – Lungo coffee capsules

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The lungo capsule from Leonel has a round and honey-sweet taste with notes of peach and almonds

About the coffee

The lungo capsule from Leonel is compatible with Nespresso's coffee machines. It has a round and honey-sweet taste with notes of peach and almonds. For those of you who want a great, delicious cup of coffee without too much hassle.

The coffee comes from Leonel Valladares, who owns a small organic coffee farm, called Santa Prisca, where he has lived for 42 years with his family.

Leonel is an enterprising farmer with firm principles. It's important for Leonel to do something good for the nature and leave the world a better place for his children.

He believes that pesticides are not necessary to produce a good coffee. The key to running a sustainable organic coffee production lies in the careful planning of the organic fertilizers which he makes on the farm by composting coffee berries with the livestock leftovers.

Leonel Valladares

Country, region Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia Dipilto.
Height 1.400-1.500 m.a.s.l.
Treatment Wet milling, African beds
Varieties Arabica (Caturra, Maragogype, Catuai Amarillo)
Roast profiles Medium roast and dark roast
The story behind Leonel Valladares

71 year old Leonel has devoted his entire life to coffee. He lives on the Finca Organica Santa Prisca farm, which he has owned for 43 years. The small coffee farm is an oasis in the middle of the forest, where Leonel's many grandchildren play and laugh under the tall trees.

Leonel is a man and farmer of principles. He does not believe that pesticides are necessary for the production of great coffee, and he produces his own fertilizer on the farm. His motivation is to take care of the nature and leave the world a better place for his grandchildren.

Leonel Valladares and his family are producing some of the best coffee beans in Nicaragua, while protecting the surrounding nature and taking care of the family.

Leonels coffee has been a part of ├śNSK from the very beginning. We are incredibly proud to sell a coffee that is synonymous with the ideals on which ├śNSK is built.

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Leonel og hans familie
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Construction project at Leonel's farm

In collaboration with Leonel, we have created a building project on his farm that can support him in the production of organic fertilizer.