Peru tasting package



Here you can find ØNSKs Peru tasting package, which contains all the new coffees we have received from Peru.

This tasting package contains a light roasted, a medium roasted and a dark roasted coffee from 3 different coffee farmers in Peru.

In the tasting package you will get all our coffees from Peru at a great price.


The package contains:

1 x 250g Økologisk lysristet Cesar Sampertegui kaffe

1 x 250g Økologisk mellemristet Kuska kaffe

1 x 250g Økologisk mørkristet El Palto kaffe


A bit about the coffees:

The coffee from El Palto is a deep, rich coffee, packed with flavour! It has an intense taste of cocoa nibs, combined with notes of bold and sweet caramel. These flavour notes are balanced by a deep, fresh taste of dark berries.

The coffee from Cesar Sampertegui is a complex and harmonious honey coffee grown high in the Peruvian mountains. The coffee has a distinct sweetness like cane sugar, with a distinct note, like juicy peach, which is completely unique! It has a long and pleasant aftertaste, where the fruity flavour notes develop into a floral, rose-like taste.

The coffee from Kuska has a delicious sweet and creamy taste, like a high quality milk chocolate, balanced by a discreet fruitiness reminiscent of ripe raspberries. It's a coffee that is perfect as filter coffee as it's soft and pleasant, while having a hint of freshness reminiscent of ripe, red raspberries.