Plunger jug starter pack


Get started brewing amazing coffee at home. Get a plunger jug starter pack with the classic plunger jug from Bodum including three bags of sustainable coffee beans.

With this starter pack, you are guaranteed a wide selection of different coffees that make everyday life a little more fun and exciting. Try and find out if you can taste the differences between the coffees and talk about the flavors you can taste.

In the starter pack you get:

1 x Bodum Plunger jug 8 cups

1 x 250g Corcasan Medium roast coffee

1 x 250g Santos Isabel Medium roast coffee

1 X 250g Leonel Valladares Medium roast coffee

You probably know the iconic plunger jug coffee - and especially the plunger jug from Bodum. Often it is the brewing method you are offered when visiting friends or family.

The plunger jug highlights a nice fullness and strenght in the coffee, and it is an easy and consistent way to brew a really good cup of coffee.


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