Tasting package with our 4 capsule variants


A selected package of 40 coffee capsulesfor those, who have not yet found their favorite capsule for the Nespresso machine at home. Taste our four different varieties at a favorable package price.

The tasting package contains:

1 x 10 organic lungo capsules from Leonel Valladares
1 x 10 organic lungo capsules from Corcasan
1 x 10 organic espresso capsules from Leonel Valladares
1 x 10 organic espresso capsules from Corcasan

"Taste and sustainability in compostable capsules"

– Capsule recommendation in Børsen, 2021.

In a huge taste test of 45(!) different capsules for Nespresso Børsen recommends the coffee capsules from ØNSK .

Get closer to the coffee farmers with coffee capsules from ØNSK

At ØNSK, we believe in transparency in our products. As a coffee drinker, you have the right to know where your coffee comes from.

That is why we have named our coffees after our coffee farmers. We believe that it provides value for our customers that they get to know the farmers, and on ØNSK's blog universe you can meet all our coffee farmers and hear their stories.

Leonel Valladares’ coffee is round and honey sweet, with notes of peach and almonds. The coffee in the espresso capsule is a dark roast, as it gives a deeper flavor. Read more about him here.

The coffee from the Corcasan cooperative is dark and strong, and the taste contains notes of chocolate and nuts. Learn more about the cooperative here.

An environmentally friendly alternative

It has never been easier to buy sustainable coffee capsules. When you have finished your capsules from ØNSK, you don't have to worry about sending them back to the retailer. Our capsules for Nespresso are easy to recycle. After use, they should simply be thrown into your green bio bucket or in the container for household waste - depending on which municipality you live in.

Our biodegradable coffee capsules are a more environmentally friendly alternative to capsules made of aluminum and plastic, as they are created on renewable energy and are made of compostable materials.

You can read more about waste sorting and biodegradable coffee capsules in our blog post about the subject.

The difference between lungo and espresso

In our Nespresso capsules tasting package you get a unique opportunity to try all our varieties. Our coffee capsules are available as lungo and espresso, respectively, and below we will briefly explain the difference between the two.

The coffee in our espresso capsules is a darker roast, giving them a deeper and darker taste. The capsule is suitable for those who like milk in their coffee.

Lungo capsules is a light roast, which gives them a light, delicate flavor. Perfect for those, who prefer to drink black coffee.

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